Press Release
May 18, 2017


There is no basis for San Juan City to hold recall elections against Mayor Guia Gomez since there is no clamor from San Juaneños for it.

San Juan City has significantly improved under the administration of Mayor Guia, which just garnered back-to-back citations of the prestigious Seal of Good Local Governance by the Department of Interior and Local Government, and an Excellent Rating from the Civil Service Commission as contained in its Anti-Red Tape Act (Arta) Report Card.

These awards profess the good governance Mayor Guia is implementing in San Juan City, and more projects are underway such as the construction of the Hall of Justice, new San Juan Medical Center, and Rehab Center.

Ang ganda na ng pagpapatatakbo ng San Juan. It is rapidly developing and services are bound to further improve, then comes this recall petition from a political foe who cannot accept defeat. Amid all these progress, how can there be a "loss of confidence" and "incompetence"?

Thus, there is no reason to hold recall elections in our beloved San Juan City. Accusations of fraud are also baseless since the act is virtually impossible in an automated election.

Should San Juan's development be stalled because of the ambition of one man?

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