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June 7, 2017

Grace Poe on BPI
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Kapihan sa Manila Bay

Marichu Villanueva: There is now a panic among BPI depositors because they issued an advisory: "Due to an internal data processing error, some clients may have seen their accounts debited twice or credited twice for a past transaction. We are currently correcting the mispostings. We apologize for the inconvenience that this may have caused." This has already caused panic among depositors and other banks.

Grace Poe: First of all, I trust the institution. I know that BPI has been there and has proven their track record. It's good that they came up with this advisory immediately but we would like to know what caused this. Is it an internal IT problem or error? Or is it an attack?

Villanueva: Yun nga ang concern, yung hacking.

Poe: Pero hindi naman daw, maraming nagsasabi, debited tapos credited. Hindi kaya debited sa mayaman, credit sa mahirap? (smiles) Pero let's wait, let us not panic about this because that's the worst...hindi naman siguro aabot doon at huwag nilang gamitin ang clip na yan kasi nakakatakot yan for the markets. What I'm saying is they're addressing the issue and I think that it's good that they already came up with a statement and I think that they will fix it immediately.

Villanueva: Hopefully it's not one of the hacking cases.

Poe: They should come out with a report on what caused this so that people will not be left in the dark and have unnecessary worries about their accounts. They should be able to uphold the trust given to the banking institutions.

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