Press Release
June 21, 2017


To enable Marawi City to rise from the ashes of war once the armed conflict ends and at the same time spur the development of Mindanao, Senator Richard proposes to convert Marawi City and the other municipalities around Lake Lanao into tourism attractions.

Gordon pointed out that as the best natural asset and tourism gem in Lanao del Sur, a tourism development plan should be made capitalizing on the beauty of Lake Lanao and its surrounding areas and make them comparable to other cities in the world built around lakes.

"We must all aim for the common good. Yung Marawi, dapat ngayon pa lang isipin na natin kung paano makakabangon pagkatapos ng giyera. The losers here are the people but they could be the biggest winners if we aim for the common good that after this battle that is going on there, we can convert Marawi and Lake Lanao and all the other areas around Lake Lanao, like some cities in Europe and other parts of the world, as tourism attractions.

Gordon is set to file a bill which seeks the creation of a Lake Lanao Development Authority to undertake the development and promotion of the lake and its surrounding areas as tourism attractions, like Lake Tahoe in the United States and Lake Geneva in Europe, among others, which are major tourist attractions.

"I have already proposed this before. Ngayon, we will include the train system in Mindanao, the development of the highways, and the construction of new airports para maging mas accessible ang Lake Lanao for tourists," the senator said.

"Ang ganda-ganda ng view sa taas ng Lake Lanao, then near it is Maria Cristina Falls. We can have yacht clubs and boating around the lake. This can become a major tourism destination once it is developed and promoted properly. The roads should be widened and repaired to ensure safe and convenient travel. The residents could also open B & Bs (Bed & Breakfast), canteens or sell local delicacies or souvenir items. This will promote a culture of tourism among the people there. A strong tourism industry will not only help in Marawi's rehabilitation, it will also bring economic development not only to Marawi but also to the whole of Mindanao," he added.

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