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June 29, 2017

De Lima overwhelmed by Irigueños' support

Residents of Iriga City in Camarines Sur have continued to put their faith and trust on Sen. Leila M. de Lima and her innocence from all the trumped-up charges brought up against her by the present administration.

In her 102nd Dispatch from Crame, De Lima said she is overwhelmed by the support she continues to get from her fellow Irigueños who have vouched for her innocence from all accusations they said were incredulous and impossible.

"To them, my present ordeal is simply unimaginable, unfathomable, and unbelievable. It's an unacceptable aberration in my colorful life. They know and can attest that the things my accusers say I have done and/or capable of doing are not in my DNA," she said.

"My fellow Irigueños feel my pain. They know I'm innocent. And that's all that matters to me--people believing in me, strongly standing by and with me, keeping the faith," she added.

De Lima is facing illegal drug charges based on fabricated evidence and perjured testimonies by convicted criminals. Since last Feb. 24, she is detained at the Custodial Center - Philippine National Police in Camp Crame, Quezon City.

She however remained firm on her conviction that the cases filed against her are part of the political persecution she is suffering under the Duterte administration whose all-out war on illegal drugs is vehemently opposed.

De Lima said her kababayans stand by her as they personally witnessed her life and career as a former election lawyer and public servant, first as chairperson of the Commission on Human Rights and then, secretary of the Department of Justice.

"The Irigueños know me and my family. They watched me grow in a happy and active childhood under the watchful nurturing of a highly respected disciplinarian father, consistently achieving academic honors," she said.

"The are witness to me going places, so to speak, starting with an exciting election law practice until endowed with unexpected appointments to crucial governments and ultimately, an uphill yet successful run as a first time national candidate. They are proud witnesses to my life's struggles and triumphs," she added.

De Lima remains hopeful that someday she will be vindicated for her strong opposition to the continued spate of extrajudicial killings carried out in the government's all-out war on illegal drugs.

In the same dispatch, she thanked the Irigueños for the unequivocal support to her and asked them to continue praying for her and for her immediate release from her unjust and illegal detention.

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