Press Release
July 19, 2017

Grace Poe on LTFRB, TNVS Meeting

The public uproar caused by the issuance of LTFRB Memorandum Circular No. 2016-008, suspending the acceptance of applications for TNVS in Metro Manila made it necessary for our Committee, the Committee on Public Services to step in. I thank Sen. JV Ejercito, one of my vice-chairpersons for the Committee of Public Services for his initiative in calling for a closed door meeting between the LTFRB and the Transportation Network Companies (TNCs)--Uber and Grab--and for his presence during that meeting.

During our meeting, the parties were able to agree that one, they will continue with the TWGs next week, in order to find a win-win solution for both government and the TNCs; two, Grab and Uber will share their data with the LTFRB so that the LTFRB, in crafting guidelines, will consider the actual number of TNVS on the road and not just the number of TNVS that have been accredited; three, although the LTFRB will push through with executing their memorandum circular, they will allow the TNCs to file their motion for reconsideration and pending the resolution of the latter, will allow existing "colorum" TNVS to continue providing service.

Let us allow the LTFRB to do its job. They have to regulate common carriers to ensure accountability and to prevent the "dynamic pricing scheme" of TNVS from overcharging passengers during peak hours. On the other hand, government must be forward-looking. Ride-hailing services is now a necessity because these provide the comfort and reliability that many of our people look for in public transportation.

I have filed Senate Bill No. 1501 or the Transportation Network Services Act, which will institutionalize and regulate ride-hailing services. Both the LTFRB and TNCs have agreed to participate in future hearings when called.

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