Press Release
July 25, 2017

Statement of Senate Minority Leader Franklin M. Drilon on various issues

On the 2nd SONA

I did not hear any policy on how to address the issue of lack of jobs, high prices and salary.

Unemployment rate reached a peak at 6.6% last January. I would like to have heard concrete actions to generate employment opportunities. Insofar as job security and tenure is concerned, we are yet to see an end to the system of ENDO or conctractualization.

Inflation has increased for 9 consecutive months, hitting its highest at 3.4% early this year. We must address this immediately and this will worsen the moment we pass the tax on fuel.

In the field of justice system, I would have wanted to hear some reforms in our justice system. One of the reasons I suspect why there is lack of strong indignation over extra-judicial killings is because of the frustration of the public and even our law enforcement officers on our system of justice. Talagang mabagal. Halimbawa, ilan ba ang pending na kaso sa Department of Justice. Tumatagal ang kaso sa husgado. We have to have reforms in our justice system, in our investigation pillar, in our detention policies, in our court pillar. To me, this is one area that should be addressed.

I did not hear anything, which would specifically address these areas.

On the tax reform

Yes, we will support the tax reform. But we will examine the proposal closely. For example, the proposal to increase the tax on fuel, for us this is anti-poor. We will not accept hook, line and sinker the whole package. We will not be an echo chamber.

On the death penalty bill

The Liberal Party and the Senate Minority Bloc will oppose it. Let the majority work on it and push it, if they want it. But we will oppose it.

On Gov. Imee Marcos

I understand that Imee Marcos retracted her previous allegations that the Liberal Party was involved in a P100-M payoff to the congressmen in exchange of her detention. We demand an apology from Imee Marcos.

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