Press Release
August 27, 2017

Sen. Joel Villanueva's Heroes' Day message

We join the Filipino people in remembering the valiance of our heroes for their exceptional contributions in fighting for and preserving the beauty and liberty of our Motherland.

We take this opportunity to call on the youth to take the dauntless acts of our heroes as inspiration to continue to aspire for an ideal society that embodies excellence, justice, and liberty. Each day, we can all be heroes by doing our part in nation-building.

We also pay tribute to the bravery of our soldiers fighting for peace in Marawi. We honor their selfless sacrifice while in the forefront risking their lives to protect us.

May this day also serve as a fitting recognition for our modern-day heroes, our overseas Filipino workers, who have been working tirelessly not only for the benefit of their family but also for the country's economy. In a bill that we filed in the Senate, we seek to build a special hospital dedicated for the OFWs and their dependents as one way of giving back for their heroic deeds.

Indeed, the celebration today is not only for the courageous acts that preserved our country but it is looking forward to the embarking of our potential heroes that will lead our beloved nation to greatness.

Mabuhay ang bawat bayaning Pilipino!

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