Press Release
August 30, 2017

Opening Statement of Senator Loren Legarda
at the Joint Hearing of the Committees on Climate Change and Finance in Relation to Senate Resolution No. 449

30 August 2017 | Senate Session Hall

Good morning.

Thank you for joining us at today's joint hearing of the Committees on Climate Change and National Defense and Security in relation to Senate Resolution No. 449.

We are undertaking this inquiry, in aid of legislation, on the climate related risks and capacity challenges that impact on our Armed Forces' ability to respond to non-traditional forms of threats.

I initiated this inquiry, knowing fully well that our changing climate has massive national security implications on the AFP's operations, installations, personnel, and its missions. As first responders in times of disasters, the AFP has to be a resilient institution - ready and capable to perform its role, not just in times of disasters, but to help build resilient communities. We cannot count on the AFP to be effective in its mission unless it is, on its own, a resilient institution.

By this inquiry, we hope to achieve four things:

1. Clarify the role of the AFP in the country's DRRM framework;

2. Identify challenges that impact on AFP's disaster resiliency as an institution;

3. Draw up recommendations -- including proposed amendments to the Philippine Disaster Risk Reduction Management Act -- to improve the AFP's Climate change adaptation and mitigation, as well as DRRM capacity, practice and governance; and

4. Deliver actions to help the AFP become a resilient institution.

I wish to underscore the last objective. As concurrent Chair of the Senate Finance Committee, I recognize that there might be logistical or funding issues that need to be addressed. This is the right time to bring up these issues in the light of the ongoing budget deliberations.

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