Press Release
September 27, 2017

Comments of Sen. Leila M. de Lima on PSR 508 Urging Pres. Rodrigo Duterte to Nominate Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago for Conferment of the Quezon Service Cross

I join my Senate colleagues in honoring a great Senator and Filipina in Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago. All of us who have been blessed to witness her life know that hers was a life well-lived. She devoted her life in pursuit of excellence, and our country will be forever grateful for her service.

As a trial court judge, she upheld the rule of law in spite of the threat of Martial Law. As a Bureau of Immigration Commissioner, she was a fearless crusader against corruption. As a Senator, she elevated the level of plenary debates with her impassioned and learned arguments. The laws she authored have defined the legal landscape and touched the lives of our fellow Filipinos in all corners of our archipelago.

Her election as a judge in the International Criminal Court has shown that Filipinas can also be the best among the world. She deserves to take her place among the pantheon of the great Filipinos, who not only brought honor to our country, but did so in the service of our nation.

The Quezon Service Cross is an honor conferred by the President, with the concurrence of the Congress, on Filipino citizens for exemplary service to the nation in such a manner and such a degree as to add great prestige to the Republic of the Philippines, or as to contribute to the lasting benefit of its people. Her work, her life, and her unwavering commitment to our democracy serve as an inspiration to us all. Sen. Miriam is a Filipina truly worthy of this distinction.

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