Press Release
November 17, 2017

Villanueva guest teaches for Teach for the Philippines

Senator Joel Villanueva on Friday served as guest teacher for grade four students of City of Malolos Integrated School in Altag, Malolos City, Bulacan. Villanueva was tasked to teach Araling Panlipunan where the senator discussed about the three branches of government including his duties and responsibilities as a lawmaker. Villanueva said he is grateful for the Teach for the Philippines for giving him the opportunity to experience the noble profession.

"Teaching may be a thankless job, but its impact is both immediate and far-reaching. I believe that the greatest act of self-sacrifice that anyone can take on is becoming a teacher. Saludo po ako sa bawat guro sa buong mundo," Villanueva said.

The Bulakeño senator also underscored the importance of working together and making education a priority.

"Everyone in government, business, civil society groups, academe, church ministry, and cultural communities should make education a priority. Education is our hope as a nation, it can lead our country to progress. If we put more emphasis on the value of education, we can have a more peaceful, productive and interdependent society. We are grateful for the Teach for the Philippines for being our partner and leader in educating the next generation and improving the lives of every Filipino," Villanueva said.

Teach for the Philippines is a non-government organization that works to provide all Filipino children with access to relevant and excellent education. It enlists some of the country's most promising young leaders to teach for two years in public schools throughout the Philippines. To date, there are 93 Teacher Fellows placed in 39 schools across 17 local governments in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, who, together with their school communities, are working towards the goal of education equity.

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