Press Release
December 6, 2017


I am proposing the creation of a task force that will conduct a thorough, comprehensive, and all angle investigation on the dengue vaccine issue.

I am recommending that the task force should be composed of representatives from the Department of Health, World Health Organization, Philippine Medical Association and medical societies, academe, and noted medical and health experts.

I have filed Senate Resolution 557 directing the proper committee to conduct an inquiry into the dengue immunization program of the DOH vis-à-vis the Sanofi Pasteur's new clinical finding on the vaccine Dengvaxia's adverse effects to its recipients.

Officials from the World Health Organization will be arriving on December 12 and 13 and I want to hear what they have to say about the issue before I conduct my investigation.

I believe that the observation and analysis of the WHO officials plus the report and recommendation of the task force that I have proposed to be created will give me a wider grasp and understanding of the problem which will help me a lot in my inquiry.

I may still join the Blue Ribbon Committee of Sen. Richard Gordon in the investigation on Monday if it's really necessary because I believe that a lot of substantial information will come out in that hearing at kung hindi ko talaga siya makukumbinsi na hintayin muna ang mga WHO officials. But I still maintain that we need the findings and recommendation of the experts.

I am puzzled and surprised why the Philippines approved and used the Dengvaxia despite the fact that up to this day, the European Medicines Agency (EMA), which is the equivalent to our Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) has not yet approved it. I suggest the task force should find out the scientific merit of the vaccine.

Pero dapat ngayon, ano ang gagawin ng DOH doon sa mga batang nainiksiyunan na ng Dengvaxia?

I am calling on the DOH to undertake surveillance of the kids injected with the vaccine and identify and monitor the condition of those who had not been infected prior to their vaccination.

The DOH should also verify reports of deaths which are being connected by some to Dengvaxia vaccine. What's the real cause of the deaths?

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