Press Release
December 11, 2017


Mr. President, distinguished colleagues: It is my honor to sponsor Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 8 entitled "Resolution Concurring in the Posthumous Conferment of the Quezon Service Cross to Miriam Defensor Santiago"

Pheme, the Greek goddess from whose name the word "fame" is derived, would observe men and spread what she learned to others, thereby "making the small seem great, and the great seem greater."

Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago was surely one of Pheme's favourite subjects. And if they ever met, I am sure they would likely greet each other as old friends would.

Against this distinguished background, we have the opportunity to accord our colleague one more accolade. The Quezon Service Cross is awarded to those who possessed an "unselfish devotion to the public good". Only five individuals have been awarded the cross since its inception in 1946. And of the five, only two were given in the past decade.

And in typical Miriam fashion, she managed to exceed her fellow awardees as the first female recipient of the Quezon Service Cross. That's Senator Miriam for you, always striving to be the first or the best.

The inscription on the Quezon Service Cross reads: Sic Floret Res Publica, "Let the Republic flourish". Perhaps it should also read: "Amor Mundi", or "To Love the World". Senator Miriam's love for country drove her to greatness and to serve with fervor and utmost dedication her fellow Filipinos until death. Bestowing this award upon the former senator enables her to live on as our country's north star, inspiring future generations to love the nation and serve it in the best way they can.

I view of the foregoing, I thus urge this chamber to approve the proposed Senate Concurrent Resolution. Thank you.

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