Press Release
March 15, 2021

'Mark anniversary with launch of 100-day summer offensive, pre-SONA to-do list vs the pandemic'

We remember the dead and recognize the heroes, but the best way to honor them is for government to arm for a final push against the virus that will end the stalemate and turn the tide in our favor.

Like any war, the people can only be assured of victory not with words but with a show of weapons in use: vaccines in the arms of the people.

Malacañang should use the anniversary to unveil a 100-day plan for a summer offensive from April to June, with clear targets in terms of the number of people vaccinated, the number of vaccines that will arrive, and where they will be sent.

We need a battle plan that will not only unify the nation, but will lift our spirits and assign us the role we have to play. This is the clear tunnel vision we need.

This is the government's to-do list from now until the SONA, so that when the President addresses the nation on the fourth Monday of July, it is to declare victory and announce that our long national nightmare will be over soon.

So when he mounts the rostrum on that day, the first thing he does is wave the DOH's daily COVID tally showing new cases down to a couple of hundreds, and a report that tens of millions have been vaccinated.

When the fighting targets are clearly communicated to the people who see a leadership that inspires by example, the war will be won.

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