Press Release
June 8, 2021

On Yuka Saso's victory

In lieu of the recent US Open win of Yuka Saso, I filed a Senate resolution 748, commending and congratulating her momentous achievement.

"Congratulations for bringing an unexpected victory for our people! Our hearts beam with pride and joy with this milestone in Philippine sports. We are extremely proud of your achievement.

The sight of you with that birdie on the third playoff hole, which gave you the 2021 US Women's Open title, was the perfect weekday opening that brought a much-needed breather to the Filipino people from the barrage of gloomy updates on the continued threat of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

This achievement should serve as a fitting reminder to all Filipinos that amid our struggles, there is always something good to look forward to. Thank you, Yuka Saso for being the Filipino people's silver lining during this challenging time."

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