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July 18, 2021

Villar extols vaccination gains of Las Pinas barangays

WITH the pace of their ongoing vaccination drive,

Senator Cynthia Villar is upbeat that Las Pinas City can quickly achieve and can even be ahead of the government's target of herd immunity before the year ends.

"We are happy that soon, we would reach the herd immunity in Las Pinas due to our various initiatives to boost efforts in giving jabs to our residents to avert the spread of the coronavirus," said Villar.

Four months after the Covid-19 vaccine rollout in the country, Villar said they have vaccinated in Las Pinas 41 percent of their population or 246,790 out of the 606,293 total population as of July 10.

"And the number has increased. It has been increasing because our vaccination has been ongoing since July 10. Definitely, this figure has increased with the lapse of several days," related the senator.

Villar commends Las Piñas barangays for their enthusiasm in having more than half of their residents inoculated. Big barangays that reached more than 50 % of residents being vaccinated includes: Talon Dos which has given the most number of shots, and has vaccinated 31,157 out of its 43,978 population, representing 71%. This is followed by Pamplona 3 which inoculated 62% out of its 35,098 population or 21,765 total residents. Almanza Uno came third with 19,126 out of 36,232 representing 53% of its population, and Pamplona Uno which vaccinated 9,917 out of 19,085 or 52% of its residents have taken the jab.

Among the small barangays, Pamplona Dos have given the most number of inoculated residents. Out of its 9,141 population, there were already 6,566 or 72% have taken the vaccine.

The high number of people getting inoculated, Villar said, is a clear indication that they have overcome vaccine hesitancy due to fears of its impact on their health.

Despite being vaccinated, Villar appealed to the public to continuously adhere to the necessary health protocols to prevent further spread of the virus.

"Let us not be complacent at this time because Covid-19 is still around us. It is still not safe especially with the emerging variants," stressed Villar, adding that an efficient vaccination is key to the country's economic recovery.

Villar said their family have launched many initiatives to help the government accelerate its vaccination program since its roll out last March.

Recognizing the collaborative efforts of the government, the private sector and our healthcare workers to fight the virus, Villar said they have been providing the government all forms of assistance to combat this pandemic and to return to help in the country's economic recovery. She also keep track of the progress of our vaccination program, especially in her home city of Las Pinas.

The senator has also been encouraging everyone to be inoculated regardless of the vaccine brand, citing the assurance given by our health officials and the government that they are safe and effective.

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