Press Release
August 25, 2021

Grace Poe's opening statement transcript
Senate blue ribbon hearing

Based on our discussion earlier, the Chair reminded the Secretary about his responsibility and that he should be able to answer directly the questions propounded to the Department. Let me remind those who are here especially those who have a position in the government that PD (Presidential Decree) No. 1445 or the Government Auditing Code of the Philippines says, "The policy of the State that all resources of the government shall be accordance with law and regulations, and safeguard against loss or wastage...The responsibility to take care that such policy is faithfully adhered to rests directly with the chief or head of the government agency concerned." Hindi pupwede na ide-delegate palagi sa mga kasamahan sa trabaho—mismong ang namumuno ng ahensya ang may responsibilidad. Again, let me remind everyone that toward the tailend of last year, the Ombudsman ordered the suspension of eight PhilHealth executives. I agree with the Ombudsman. Somebody must indeed be held accountable. Habang walang nasasampolan, paulit-ulit ito at walang matututo.

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