Press Release
November 17, 2021

SEN. BONG GO's RESPONSE: On Mayor Sara's Nov 16 statement & On PDP PDDS membership

On Mayor Sara's Nov 16 statement


I will let the PDP leadership clarify these matters in due time. Alam ko naman po na wala kaming tinatanggihan. Being the administration party, we have always exerted efforts to reach out to those who are supportive of PRRD.

With regard to Mayor Sara, we always wish her well. As I have said earlier, kung ako lang ang tatanungin, siya ang aking sinusuportahan sa pagka-Bise Presidente.


On PDP PDDS membership


The PDP Laban and PDDS have a very strong alliance. It is best to ask the PDDS and PDP Laban leadership regarding this matter.

We have joined the PDDS and have followed the internal rules and processes of both PDDS and PDP Laban.

We are committed to the PDDS-PDP Laban alliance and will support the common candidates of both parties.


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