Press Release
November 24, 2021

Omnibus Sponsorship Speech
House Bills Nos. 586 (taking into consideration Senate Bill No. 1601), 9657, 9659, 9660, 10184, 10186, 10187, 10188, 10189, 10278 / Committee Reports Nos. 336, 337, 338, 339, 340, 341, 342, 343, 344, and 345 respectively

Session Hall, Senate of the Philippines
Delivered by THE HONORABLE WIN GATCHALIAN, Senator of the 18th Congress:

Mr. President, distinguished colleagues, good afternoon.

Today, I am honored to sponsor ten (10) local bills that aim to separate extension or annex schools from their main schools.

These are House Bills Numbers 586 (taking into consideration Senate Bill No. 1601), 9657, 9659, 9660, 10184, 10186, 10187, 10188, 10189, and 10278. The extension schools that we seek to separate from their mother schools under these proposed measures are the following: Balbalan Agricultural and Industrial School - Balbalan Proper Extension in the Municipality of Balbalan, Kalinga; Roberta De Jesus Elementary School - Disiplina Village Elementary School Extension in Valenzuela City; Celestino G. Tabuena Memorial National High School - Mercedes B. Peralta Senior High School Extension in Sorsogon City; Lydia D. Martinez Memorial High School - Sugod Extension, also in Sorsogon City; Arcelo Memorial National High School - Liloan National High School Annex in the Municipality of Liloan, Cebu; Arena Blanco National High School - Tigtabon Annex in Zamboanga City; Arena Blanco National High School - Mampang Annex in Zamboanga City; Manicahan National High School - Lamisahan Annex, also in Zamboanga City; Libudon National High School - Sanghay Extension in Mati City, Davao Oriental; and Malinao High School - Pinamulaan Annex in the Municipality of Banisilan, Cotabato.

Mr. President, these extension schools bring education opportunities closer to the students. It will ensure more efficient services to the public, foster self-sustainability in the surrounding communities, and avoid congestion. Separating these extension schools from their main campuses, however, will require them to manage their own Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses and establish their own Personnel Services Itemization, as well as Plantilla of Personnel. Turning these extension schools into independent schools is also crucial when it comes to responding to the educational needs of a growing population.

Should these proposed measures become law, the extension schools will be named, respectively, as Eastern Balbalan National High School; Disiplina Village Elementary School; Mercedes B. Peralta Senior High School; Sugod Senior High School; Liloan National High School; Tigtabon National High School; Mampang National High School; Lamisahan National High School; Sanghay National High School; and Pinamulaan National High School.

I would also like to inform this honorable body that the Department of Education has certified that these proposed measures comply with DepEd Order No. 40 series of 2014, titled "Establishment, Merging, Conversion, and Naming/Renaming of Public Schools, and Separation of Public School Annexes in Basic Education."

In view of the foregoing, I humbly seek the support of this esteemed body for the immediate passage of these measures.

Thank you, Mr. President.

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