Press Release
August 15, 2022

Poe on poverty statistics:

The rise in the number of poor Filipinos gives a clear signal that much work definitely needs to be done.

Job creation is crucial, including in the agriculture sector, which will not only bring income but also bolster our food production and sufficiency.

With the Public Service Act, we have laid the groundwork for investments that will generate employment to help stem the scarring and lingering effects of the pandemic.

Our people are hardworking and raring to find livelihood for their families. The government must pave the way to make them productive.

Public utility vehicle drivers must be allowed to ply the roads anew as they have waited for too long without income. The commuters need them, especially the millions of students who will return to schools next week.

Moreover, we must be vigilant against wastage and punish those who squander government resources.

If the executive is looking at rightsizing the government, it should start with weeding out the corrupt, whose lifestyle and pension our taxpayers should never be made to pay.

Poverty among our people has been deepened by the pandemic. Social protection programs and services must effectively reach and empower them.

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