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January 14, 2014

Trillanes: Probe SSS, Philhealth contribution hikes

Senator Antonio "Sonny" F. Trillanes IV files resolutions to investigate the impending increase in the monthly contributions of members of the Social Security System and the Philippine Health Insurance Corp this January 2014.

"In the midst of the energy situation in the country, and the country's reeling from a chain of natural and man-made disasters, here comes another burden which would definitely have an effect in the take home pay of the members who did not receive corresponding salary increase," said Trillanes.

SSS is set to implement the raise in contribution schedule of its members, from the present 10.4 percent to 11 percent, in order to reduce its unfunded liability of about P1.1 trillion by P1.6 billion or 15 percent, and to extend the Social Security Fund until 2043. This is said to affect 30.04 million SSS members and 871,642 employers.

Under Senate Resolution No. 434, Trillanes seeks to review the financial statement of SSS and its financial viability, and to determine if the proposed increase is reasonable.

Meanwhile, PhilHealth is also set to increase premium contribution of its members. Those employed will pay the monthly premium of 2.5 percent of their salary. Salary bracket floor shall start at P8,000 and pegged at 35,000. This increase was justified by Malacañan by saying that this increase is necessary to endure sustainable social protection program for those who need the assistance of the government.

Senate Resolution No. 435 also seeks to review the status of the National Health Insurance Fund and the reason of the increase, and determine of it the same is reasonable.

Both these impending increases are allegedly said to be approved without adequate consultation among its members.

"We need to scrutinize the bases of these increases so that we can propose measures in order to shield the public from the burden these hikes would cost to them," Trillanes emphasized.

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