Press Release
August 18, 2014

Transcript of Interview of Senate President Franklin M. Drilon

SPFMD: The President did not say that he is for a second term. I was reading the transcript of the TV5 interview, there was nothing there that said that the President is interested in a second term. Malakanyang has already said the President will not push for Charter amendments during his term. I think the issue is over. We keep on beating a dead horse.

Q: Kasi raw Sir, mixed signals yung binibigay ng Palace.

SPFMD: I don't know. For me the signals are clear. Ask those who think there's a mixed signal. To me, Malakanyang has said the President will not push for a Charter amendment.

Q: What was the official stand of LP?

SPFMD: There is no official stand of LP.

Q: Nagmeeting raw ang LP?

SPFMD: I was not in that meeting if that meeting took place. I do not know.

Q: WaLang consensus

SPFMD: There is no meeting called for Cha-Cha.

Q: On the issue of Judicial overreach?

SPFMD: I would rather not comment on that.

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