Press Release
November 26, 2014

Transcript of Interview of Senate President Franklin M. Drilon

Q: On the P37.5 billion alleged lumpsum and PDAF in the budget

SPFMD: I do not know. I have not examined the budget in that detail. But in terms of the ability of legislators to interfere in post-budget execution, which was the questionable aspect of the PDAF, there is no such thing. In other words, everything must be transparent. If they have projects, they included them in the budget, and then, they will be examined and they can subject to debates and veto. I do know the details of the P37 billion. I just know that as a matter of principle. The ability of legislators before to participate in the post-budget activities - meaning, a lumpsum is in the budget called the PDAF and then, the legilstor will identify a project to be funded by that PDAF - that is not there in the budget.

Q: There is no PDAF in 2014 and then, 2015 budget?


Q: How then do we assure her?

SPFMD: It can always be brought back to the Supreme Court if there is such a system.

Q: She was referring to the lumpsum of P37.5 billion. How do we assure her na walang PDAF ng ganon?

SPFMD: The budget is open to examination. Now, you see, what she's saying is that the congressmen identified projects which were included. Is that PDAF? The position of the House of Representatives is these are not PDAF, because these are projects which the congressmen suggested - during the budget legislation phase - should be funded and are subject to review by the Congress itself, subject to review by the executive, and then, if is not approved, there can be no funding. For example, a congressman identified a road or bridge, and included it in the DPWH budget. Now, that road and bridge are there in the budget, and it will be examined by the committee, and if it is accepted, it will be submitted to the plenary and the same will be scrutinized. It can be disapprove either by Congress acting on the budget, or the President can exercise line item veto. As distinguished with the PDAF - wherein it was a lumpsum - and therefore a legislator, after the budget is signed, can identify that bridge for funding. That's what was prohibited. That is the basic difference. That's the situation. I do not know the details. I'm talking of the principles.

Q: Can we ask the DBM to provide a list of items to be funded by that P37.5 billion?

SPFMD: I do not know what lumpsum funds you're talking about. Is it calamity fund?

Q: The P37.5 billion

SPFMD: I do not know what that P37.5 billion is. I do not know that there is that lumpsum. What I know is they are specified in the budget.

Q: No need to itemize them?

SPFMD: It's itemized, to my understanding.

Q: She was saying at any time, there could be savings?

SPFMD: I leave that to the chair of the Committee of Finance.

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