Senate Public Assistance Office (SPAO)

Social Assistance


Kindly fill out the Google Form and submit it together with the requirements.


• Legal Assistance

o Personal Letter
o Supporting documents (optional)
o 1 valid government ID

• Balik Probinsya or Transportation Assistance

o Personal Letter
o 1 valid government ID

Any one of the following, as may be applicable:

o Police Blotter/Certification (for victims of pickpockets, illegal recruitment, etc.); or
o Death Certificate/Certification from the Hospital/Doctor/authorized medical practitioner/Tribal Chieftain (for IPs)/Imam (for Moro)/Transfer Permit (except for Moro and Indigenous Peoples performing customary practices), if applicable; or
o Depending on the applicable circumstances, other supporting document/s such as, but not limited to, medical certificate, and/or court order/subpoena/referral from other agencies, barangay or local social welfare development office.

• Burial Assistance

o Death Certificate
o Funeral Contract
o Social Case Study
o Promissory Note (Optional)
o 1 valid government ID

• Educational Assistance

Any identification document of the parent/guardian accompanying/assisting/representing the minor student, or of the student him/herself if of legal age; and

o Any one of the following, as may be applicable:
o Certificate of Enrolment or Registration; or
o School ID of the student; or
o Statement of Account; or
o Any document issued by the school that can establish that the student is enrolled.

Please be informed that a drop box, located at the Senate entrance gate, is provided for those who do not have an email address. For further information or assistance, you may reach us through our email [email protected] or telephone number (02) 8552-6706.