Committee Schedule

Third Floor Left Wing, Senate Bldg., Financial Center, Diokno Blvd., Pasay City
Tel. Nos. (632) 552-6601 to 80 locs. 3313 and 3314

JANUARY 19 - 22, 2021
18th CONGRESS (Second Regular Session)
AS OF 2:20 P.M.
JANUARY 19, 2021

Tuesday, January 19
Committee/Sub-CommitteeTime & VenueAgenda
Cultural Communities joint with Social Justice, Welfare and Rural Development; and Trade, Commerce and Entrepreneurship (TWG) 1:00 P.M.
Sen. C.M. Recto Room via Cisco Webex (Videoconference)
S. Nos. 137, 315, 1214 and 1675 - Comprehensive Anti-Discrimination Act

P.S. Res. No. 517 - Misappropriation of Indigenous Cultural Heritage

Wednesday, January 20
Committee/Sub-CommitteeTime & VenueAgenda
Electoral Reforms and People’s Participation joint with Science and Technology 10:00 A.M.
Sen. J.P. Laurel Room via Cisco Webex (Videoconference)
P.S. Res. No. 412 - Preparation for 2022 Elections Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

P.S. Res. No. 542 – Effective Tool to Detect and Repel Potential Foreign Interference in Elections via Social Media Platforms

Thursday, January 21
Committee/Sub-CommitteeTime & VenueAgenda
Basic Education, Arts and Culture joint with Higher, Technical and Vocational Education; and Finance (TWG) 9:00 A.M.
Sen. G.T. Pecson Room via Hybrid Zoom (Videoconference)
S. Nos. 1887 and 1893 - Teacher Education Council Act
Civil Service, Government Reorganization and Professional Regulation joint with Government Corporations and Public Enterprises (Consultative Meeting 10:00 A.M.
Committee Room 2 via Cisco Webex (Videoconference)
S. Nos. 72, 715, 738, 958 and H. No. 5509 – Lowering the Mandatory and Optional Retirement Age of Government Employees to 60 Years Old
Sports (Subcommittee on S. Nos. 193 and 805) joint with Health and Demography; and Finance (TWG) 1:00 P.M.
Sen. L.M. Tañada Room via Cisco Webex (Videoconference)
S. Nos. 193 and 805 – Creating the Philippine Boxing and Combat Sports Commission
Government Corporations and Public Enterprises joint with Trade, Commerce and Entrepreneurship 2:00 P.M.
Sen. C.M. Recto Room via Cisco Webex (Videoconference)
Privilege Speech of Sen. Franklin M. Drilon on the Philippine International Trading Corporation (PITC): Issues on Unutilized Balance of Fund Transfers from the National Government Agencies; PITC Trust Liabilities to National Agencies Deposits; the 20-billion Peso Loan to be Extended by Landbank and Development Bank of the Philippine; and other related issues

Friday, January 22
Committee/Sub-CommitteeTime & VenueAgenda
Committee of the Whole 10:00 A.M.
Session Hall via Hybrid Cisco Webex (Videoconference)
Continuation of discussion on the National Government’s COVID-19 Vaccination Program