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Adopted Resolutions (14th Congress)

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Adopted Resolution No. 64
Resolution Concurring in the Ratification of the Headquarters Agreement Between the Republic of the Philippines and the International Rice Research Institute
PDF icon 56.5KB

Adopted Resolution No. 63
Resolution Congratulating and Commending Filipino Boxing Champions Manny Pacman Pacquiao, Gerry Peñalosa, Rey Boom Boom Bautista, Aj Bazooka Banal and Ciso Morales for Successfully...
PDF icon 85.5KB

Adopted Resolution No. 62
Resolution Congratulating Bernardo Matudan and Jamille Bianca Aguilar for Winning First and Second Place, Respectively, in the 15th Annual World Childrens Picture Contest in Japan
PDF icon 72.4KB

Adopted Resolution No. 61
Resolution Congratulating Dr. Christopher M. Guerrero for Being One of the Recipients of the American Medical Association Foundation Leadership Awards
PDF icon 79.9KB

Adopted Resolution No. 60
Resolution Expressing the Sense of the Senate That the Philippines Should Take the Lead in Calling for An Emergency Asean Leaders Summit to Tackle the Rice Crisis and to Ensure Food...
PDF icon 84.2KB

Adopted Resolution No. 59
Resolution Commending Tomasa Dioso Salinor or Lola Masing for Her Courage and Unwavering Determination to Pursue Justice for Filipino Comfort Women During World War II
PDF icon 74.9KB

Adopted Resolution No. 58
Resolution Congratulating Honorable Senator Pia Compañera Cayetano for Being Unanimously Elected President of the Committee of Women Parliamentarians of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU)...
PDF icon 58KB

Adopted Resolution No. 57
Resolution Congratulating Anne Richie Garcia for Winning the 3rd Annual Martin Luther King Contest At the New York University in the United States of America
PDF icon 52.6KB

Adopted Resolution No. 56
Resolution Expressing the Sense of the Senate to Honor the Life of Fr. Rey Roda, Omi, and His Contributions to Better the Lives of His Parishioners in Tabawan, Tawi-Tawi, and to Condemn His...
PDF icon 83.7KB

Adopted Resolution No. 55
Resolution Commending Carla Gisela Ysabel Concepcion for Winning in the 2008 Bpi-Dost Science Awards for Her Potentially Groundbreaking Study on Tracking Cancer Cells Using Green...
PDF icon 71.5KB

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