Photo Release

May 22, 2024

Guo urged to undergo a lie detector test: Sen. Raffy Tulfo asks Bamban Mayor Alice Guo to undergo a lie detector test to finally resolve the latter’s conflicting statements on her identity. Tulfo said the lie detector test, whether positive or negative result, will help the committee in making its report and will clarify everything, especially for the Filipinos who are following the hearing. “Are you willing to undergo a lie detector test? With everything you say, especially that you are a love child and everything about you. Because if you are telling the truth it will help you, so that the people will know that you are telling the truth. On the other hand, if they (senators) will know that you are a liar, you can be held in contempt by the committee and you can be imprisoned,” Tulfo pointed out. In response, Guo said she is willing to submit to a lie detector test to prove that she is telling the truth. Tulfo also requested the committee to invite former mayor of Bamban Jon Feliciano to shed light on the Guo issue. (Bibo Nueva España/Senate PRIB)