Press Release
August 6, 2006


Considering that there appears to be no other way now to save our countrymen and women in Lebanon except through the sea, I suggest that the government should tap the super ferries for the purpose.

The distance from Manila to Beirut is 6583 nautical miles and at the speed of 18 knots can be covered in 15 days one way.

Each super ferry can carry a passenger load of 2200. If we can mobilize the super ferries of the country, it is estimated that three ships rotating in ferrying our people from Lebanon to Manila, we can bring our countrymen and women out of Lebanon to safety in Manila.

In terms of logistical needs, it is estimated that the ships would need 1100 tons of bunker fuel or 100 tons of diesel fuel and 4x40 reefer vans of food supply.

Tonnage dues will have to be paid for the right to use the Suez canal.

The domestic licenses of the ferries have to be converted to international licenses. This can be done by Marina. War Zone insurance will probably have to be covered also by government.

Total estimated costs to evacuate 30,000 OFWs from Lebanon to Manila by ship is only $3.5 million covering 13 trips at $270,000 per trip.

The charter costs are $8,000 a day. Perhaps, if the government appeals to the patriotism of the ferry owners, the costs may even be lower.

Let's do it now.

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