Press Release
September 9, 2006


Senator Edgardo J. Angara today stressed the importance of the May 2007 elections, saying that it can create ripple-like rewarding results such as security of fresh political mandate, a possible charter change, and more importantly, reconciliation.

I am not for canceling the May 2007 Elections because I believe it is absolutely necessary. All of these political issues will never die but through elections, they will have that chance, said Angara, even as he an incumbent who could extend his political term upon the approval of a parliamentary government.

Angara also said that elections are helpful in achieving reconciliation because the people can initiate peace and reconciliation among politicians.

Apart from the usual muck-raking in the Congress, elections are the real battleground. If people can vote freely and their votes are counted honestly, then, thats the best way of achieving reconciliation and re-gaining the trust of our people, Angara said.

Through elections, people participate in the reconciliation process. Electoral procedure is the only social and political outlet where the poor and the rich can do the same thing and have equal ways, he added.

Angara also said that allowing the 2007 elections to unfold will give way to newly-elected government officials with fresh mandates, which can somehow affect the publics sentiments toward amending the charter.

We will have a situation where the whole political establishment of the Philippinesexcept the President and the Vice-President and half of the Senatehave a fresh mandate, and maybe the public will be more sympathetic to the group who just won a fresh mandate. The public may now understand the need for a constitutional change, Angara said.

Lets just wait for the 2007 elections and let the entirely new officialdom initiate change either by constituent assembly or constitutional convention, he continued.

Angara ends his term by the end of the 13TH Congress and calls for amending the charter through a constituent assembly immediately after the 2007 elections.

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