Press Release
October 20, 2006


Senator Edgardo J. Angara today said it would be a grave mistake to abolish the Senate considering its history and contribution to the country for almost a century.

Speaking before Senate personnel at the flag-raising ceremony commemorating the 90th anniversary of the Philippine Senate, Angara expressed solidarity among co-workers in the Senate, citing its immense value as an institution.

In the 108 years of our life as a Filipino nation, the Senate has ceased to exist for only 28 yearsfrom 1902 to 1916 during the American colonial rule and from 1972 to 1986 during the Martial Lawand in both instances it was used as a tool of control over the country and the populace, said Angara.

Unicameralism is against our history and experience as a nation. It is a tool of colonial and political control, as we have seen in the two periods that the Senate did not exist, he said.

The Senate, since it was organized in 1916, has been the seat of advocates of independence as well as leaders of major movements in our political history. For instance, the independence movement which culminated in the framing of our constitution was led by Senators Quezon, Laurel and Recto. Even up to the time that the nation decided to remove the bases in 1991, it was also the Senate that took the lead, Angara said.

Angara further said that many of the landmark laws in education, health, agriculture, arts and culture originated in the Senate. The Free High School, education voucher system (GASTPE), PhilHealth, AgriCom and EdCom, all began in the Senate.

The Senate is a national treasure. Throughout our history, we have seen the Senate always striving for freedom, and good governance. It has worked towards uplifting the lives of common Filipinos through meaningful legislation, and should continued to do so, said Angara.

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