Press Release
November 5, 2006


Senate Majority Leader Kiko Pangilinan today urged his fellow lawmakers to put Charter Change to rest and focus on legislation instead, as the Senate resumes session this Monday, November 6, 2006.

"The Senate is ready to hit the ground running and focus on pertinent legislation that addresses the real needs of our people. We are set to tackle amendments to the University of the Philippines Charter bill, which I have authored. The University of the Philippines is 98 years old today. In two years, it will be celebrating its centenary. Up to this time however, its affairs have been governed by its original Charter enacted on June 18, 1908 by the American colonial government."

"The UP Charter needs to be updated in order for the state university to remain competitive in a globalizing world. This bill seeks to democratize the governance of UP while upholding its institutional and fiscal autonomy," Kiko said,

Also up for discussion is the Patents Bill, which seeks to lower the prices of medicine for the Filipino people. Bicameral meetings are also set for the Biofuels bill, which pushes for less dependence on oil and the preservation of dollar reserves, and the Poll Automation bill that aims to minimize cheating during elections."

"Our people expect results from the Senate in terms of life enhancing legislation. The Senate intends to respond to this public clamor resolutely and pursue its goals of providing relevant legislation relentlessly," Kiko ended.

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