Press Release
May 1, 2007

Recto : Find Burgos

Sen. Ralph Recto said the country owes the Burgos family a great deal of gratitude for the freedom it enjoys today that it should repay their valor by finding a missing kin.

Recto said the search for 36-year-old Jonas Joseph Burgos, son of late press freedom icon Joe Burgos, should be of the same intensity that government exerted in looking for the whereabouts of Julia Campbell.

The full resources of the government should be committed. But we hope the ending will be happy. That hell come home soon alive and well to the warm embrace of his family, he said.

It is also to the governments benefit that Jonas disappearance will be solved soon as there are some groups pointing an accusing finger at it, Recto said.

We cannot let the son of a great man who helped give us back our democracy be the victim of undemocratic methods his father strongly raged against, he said.

During dangerous times his father did not disappear for teaching us about freedom so why should his son go missing for simply teaching some folks about farming in these supposedly normal times? Recto said.

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