Press Release
March 9, 2010


The Supreme Court dismissed the disbarment case against Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago, ruling that allegations in the complaint are "mere generalizations, speculations, malicious insinuations, and conclusions without any factual basis."

In a resolution dated 22 February 2010, the SC ruled that the complaint has no merit, and dismissed it outright.

Defensor Santiago hailed the resolution of the Supreme Court as a "triumph of good versus evil."

The feisty senator earlier said that the disbarment case against her was not an ordinary smear campaign, but part of a plot to malign and threaten her for her recent exposés on massive government corruption such as the road users tax scandal and the "euro-generals" controversy.

Defensor Santiago has been consistently leading in various election surveys. In the recent Pulse Asia Survey, she ranked number one among senatorial candidates in the May 2010 elections.

Defensor Santiago also led in the university-wide senatorial polls conducted last 5-12 February 2010 at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, the largest university in the Philippines in terms of student population.

The dismissal of the disbarment complaint against Defensor Santiago follows the dismissal last 10 February 2010 of the disqualification case filed against her in the Comelec.

In its resolution dismissing the complaint, the Supreme Court held:

"[T]he allegations clearly show that the same are not of complainant's personal knowledge. Stripped of its unnecessary trimmings, the allegations are pure hearsay. There is no showing at all how, or from whom, or in what capacity, complainant knew of the aforesaid allegations. All we know about complainant is that 'he is of legal age, with address at BASECO Compound, Port Area, Manila.' Other than that, we know nothing about him. Also, an examination of the 15-page complaint reveals that same is not supported by affidavits of persons having personal knowledge of the facts alleged therein."

The High Court said that its power to disbar lawyers will be exercised only in clear cases of misconduct that seriously affect the standing and character of lawyers as officers of the court and as members of the bar.

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