Press Release
May 22, 2012

Transcript of Ambush Interview of Senator Franklin M. Drilon
Before Senate Session

Q: Sir, ano po ang itatanong ninyo?

Drilon: Yung mga dollar accounts na nabanggit sa testimony ni Mr. Garcia (PSBAnk President) dapat ipaliwanag niya.

Q: Sir, may inihanda na kayong mga questions?

Drilon: Well, I studied...Pinag-aralan ko po yung mga sinabi ng dating testigo. We are prepared.

Q: Ano po yung biggest issue that CJ Corona must address when he testifies?

Drilon: He must address what appears to be his unexplained wealth. Dapat ipaliwanag niya kung bakit, unang-una, maraming mga accounts na hindi ni-report sa SALN. Pangalawa, dapat ipaliwanag niya sa taumbayan kung bakit mukhang mas malaki ang kanyang yaman kaysa sa kanyang kinita.

Q: Sir, what if he invokes the foreign currency act and the SC TRO?

Drilon: Well, we cannot compel him to testify if he invokes this SC decision and argues that the foreign currency deposit act would not allow him to testify. First, I don't believe that the foreign currency deposit act should be a haven for the corrupt. That is never the intention of the law. So that, under the theory, you can steal money, that you can convert it into dollars, and put it in your foreign currency deposit and shield it under scrutiny. I don't think that is the intention of the law. Now, insofar as the right against self incrimination, that is his privilege. We cannot compel him to reveal; but we must remind him of his promises that he will bare all, of the promises of Atty. Roy that they will confront these issues. Invoking right against self incrimination is not consistent with the commitment to confront these issues. So, he will be called to be asked, but if he cites this, we will respect his right to remain silent.

Q: Sir, yung stand po ng defense that foreign accounts should not be declared in SALN?

Drilon: Well, foreign accounts are assets. And the SALN stands for statement of assets, liabilities and net worth; foreign account is an asset. The foreign currency deposit act cannot be used as a haven for the corrupt.

Q: If they decided not to anymore summon AMLC, bank managers?

Drilon: What is clear on the record is that the Defense has called only one remaining witness, it's the Chief Justice.

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