Press Release
November 7, 2013

Statement of Senate Minority Leader Juan Ponce Enrile

"I feel compelled to issue a statement on today's Senate hearing lest my silence in the face of the most outrageous allegations will be construed against me. I support any investigation that seeks to uncover the truth about this PDAF scam.

To this end, I urge Mrs. Napoles to reveal the whole truth no matter who is hurt, as only the truth will set me free.

But for some very members of the committee to use the Blue Ribbon hearing to make wild-eyed charges, baseless assumptions, and false accusations today converted the investigation into a parody of justice. They should lead the facts to a just conclusion instead of coralling their own predilections into a pre-ordained conclusion.

Finally, let me reiterate my innocence, and that of my staff members and my office."

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