Press Release
March 15, 2021


The Senate committee on public services, headed by Sen. Grace Poe, will hold a public hearing to tackle the bill seeking a "just and humane" modernization of the public utility vehicles (PUV) in the country.

Senate Bill No. 867, the measure authored by Poe, will be discussed jointly by her panel and the committee on finance on Tuesday, March 16 at 10:30 a.m. via Zoom videoconferencing.

"The roadworthy jeepneys deserve to be back on the streets. Our people need them to move around and be productive. They are our partners in the pandemic recovery," Poe said.

A year into the COVID-19 lockdown, thousands of jeepney drivers remain without a steady source of income, and return to their routes is still tentative, Poe said.

"As deemed fit by the government and in adherence to health protocols, the King of the Road should be able to ply their routes anew as safe and sound vehicles for the mobility of our riding public," Poe stressed.

She pointed out that the Just and Humane Modernization Program under her bill will balance the need for a safer, more environmentally sound public transport with the rights of those whose livelihood depend on this.

The bill states that jeepneys will only be required to replace their engines to make them Euro 4-compliant.

To lighten the capital burden, the government is tasked to provide financial assistance which is not less than 10 percent of the price per unit. The interest rate on loan amortization should not exceed four percent diminishing annual interest considering the nature of PUV services. The loan amortization period is for at least 15 years.

A driver who can no longer take part in the PUV sector due to the modernization program will be given reasonable amount of financial assistance to enable him to venture into other forms of livelihood.

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