Press Release
June 3, 2022

Marcos economic Cabinet group is 'A-team, investment grade'

President-elect Marcos Jr.'s economic team is what the market might rate "premium investment grade."

Ben Diokno, Arsi Balisacan, Fred Pascual, Mina Pangandaman and Felipe Medalla are topnotch professionals whose skills and experience fit the country's post-COVID reconstruction needs.

They possess the vision to chart our progress and the virtues of hard work and honesty to grow our economy.

Their combined expertise should make us hopeful that the first bill President BBM will send to Congress, the 2023 National Budget, is a feasible battle plan that combats joblessness, food insecurity, manufacturing lethargy, weak health system, and the education crisis.

Another urgent document that must be prepared by the new administration is the country's Five-Year Medium-Term Economic Plan.

There is no better crew to oversee the drafting of this guide out of the economic doldrums inflicted by the pandemic than this A-team.

Their selection is proof that insofar as this key segment of the Cabinet is concerned, the president-elect admirably used professional credentials as the sole hiring criteria and never factored in politics in his decision.

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