Press Release
June 11, 2011


In observance of the 113th anniversary of the proclamation of the Philippine independence, Senator Ramon Bong Revilla Jr. pushed for the passage of his legislative proposal which is aimed to modify the Philippine Flag to give recognition to the Muslim Filipinos who contributed to national freedom.

According to the senator, it is high time that Muslim Filipinos should be given credit for their efforts against the Spanish invaders and this recognition can only be properly proven by giving them due representation in the Philippine Flag.

"We have many Muslim heroes like Muhamad Ul-Halim who defended Jolo and Datu Ache who helped unite the Sulu leaders against the Spaniards. As a tribute to them and to our other Muslim brothers who resisted foreign invasion, it is only appropriate that their contribution to the Philippine independence be symbolically marked in our national flag," said Bong Revilla.

In relation to this, Bong Revilla filed Senate Bill no 2691which is aimed to amend Republic Act 8491 or the Flag and Heraldic Code of the Philippines. Under the bill, another ray will be added to the original eights rays of the golden sun in the national flag to represent the Muslim Filipinos who struggled against Spanish rule. "All rays will be equally spaced and each ray will have one major beam, twice as broad as the two minor beams on either side. By symbolically placing our Muslim brothers in our flag, we are giving them their right place in our history," the lawmaker explained.

Bong Revilla pointed out that the ninth ray will also prove further that the government is indeed giving equal importance to Muslim Filipinos. "I believe this would help in achieving the much long awaited peace in Mindanao. As we celebrate our independence day, let us remember those who fought for it and these include our Muslim brothers," he added.

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