Photo Release

January 17, 2022

Give LGUs authority to craft their own economic future: Senate Minority Leader Franklin M. Drilon, during Monday’s virtual hearing of the Committee on Economic Affairs, January 17, 2022, on several measures seeking to create special economic zones, expresses his support to the proposals which, he said, would give real meaning to the devolution of powers to local government units (LGUs) as mandated by the Constitution. Drilon said the creation of special economic zones, despite the objections of the country’s economic managers, would allow LGUs to craft their own economic future. “I firmly believe that the local governments should be given the opportunity to be able to craft their own economic, social and political future, and one of them is to allow the establishment of economic zones within the parameters of the present policies, including the final say of the FIRB (Financial Incentives Review Board) on what the incentives will be, including tapping the local government,” the minority leader said. Fearing that the proposals will be vetoed by the executive, Drilon said Congress should assert its authority to enact this policy. (Screen grab/Senate PRIB)