Photo Release

December 6, 2022

Tulfo supports creation of new courts: Sen. Raffy T. Tulfo supports the creation of additional courts in the country, citing their crucial role in decongesting the number of cases pending in various courts. He also explained that putting up new courts will hasten the trials and eventually lead to the depopulation of inmates in jail. During Tuesday’s hearing, December 6, 2022, of the Committee on Justice and Human Rights, Tulfo repeated the legal maxim that "justice delayed is justice denied" and the clogging of court dockets is a long and lingering problem that beset the judiciary in its efforts to dispense true justice. “We are all in agreement with the goal that justice should be achieved by everyone in an easy and quick way, but this is prevented by the lack of courts in our country to enforce it,” Tulfo said in Filipino. “The effect of creating new courts is the unclogging of court dockets brought about by the speedy dispensation or disposition of all pending cases and this will also contribute to the depopulation and decongestion of our prisons and detention centers,” he added. (Voltaire F. Domingo/Senate PRIB)