Press Release
February 9, 2006

Press statement of Sen. Jamby Madrigal

Last Tuesday, 7 February 2006, I filed Senate Resolution no. 436 directing the Senate Committee on Cultural Communities to investigate the possible displacement and deleterious effects of mining operations in Rapu Rapu Island on the Taboys, the indigenous peoples residing in the area. With the filing of the resolution, the Committee will hold a series of hearings to look into the operations of Lafayette Mining Corporation in Rapu Rapu Island.

The recent toxic spill in the island also resulted in fish kills which have affected the livelihood of small scale fishermen in the area. As such, a growing number of inhabitants, especially the Taboys, have refused to eat fish due to widespread fear of poisoning.

Indeed, the pro-mining policy of this administration has been shown to be anti-Filipino and anti-life. Definitely, such a policy should not be carried out at the expense of endangering human lives.

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