Press Release
April 26, 2006

Statement of Senate President and Liberal Party head Franklin Drilon on the ruling by the Supreme Court declaring null and void the calibrated preemptive response (CPR) policy of the Arroyo administration

The Supreme Court has delivered another vigorous blow for freedom by declaring the calibrated preemptive response policy of the administration unconstitutional.

The Filipino people are again assured that the present Supreme Court will stand up at all times as their champion of civil and political liberties, particularly the rights to free speech and to peaceful assembly, as guaranteed by the Constitution.

In striking down Executive Order 464 as unconstitutional, and in a matter of days, voiding CPR for being in violation of the fundamental charter, the Supreme Court has struck a double whammy against the dictatorial actions of this administration.

It is now indisputable that the Arroyo administration has violently suppressed the rights of the Filipino people to free speech and to assemble for redress of grievances by forcibly breaking up rallies, resulting in physical injuries to law-abiding citizens who were only exerting their rights, and by pressuring local officials to deny permits to rally. It had also suppressed the right of the Filipino people to have access to information on public matters, another fundamental right of citizens, in issuing the invalid EO 464.

We ask Malacañang to obey the decisions of the Supreme Court as it is duty bound to respect and implement the Constitution.

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