Press Release
July 18, 2006

Smooth sailing for Lapus Recto

Senator Ralph Recto, a member of the Commission on Appointments (CA), today predicted smooth sailing for the confirmation of the appointment of Jesli Lapus as Education secretary.

Im not jumping the gun on my colleagues, but I think Jeslis confirmation hearing will not be a heroic struggle on his part.

Recto said, the fact that Lapus is not an organic member of the education sector will have no import on the CAs treatment of his nomination.

If you want to manage a class of 50, get a good teacher but, if you want to manage a bureaucracy of 500,000 get a good manager. And, Jesli is it.

We should remember that he ran the countrys biggest bank and in the age when PhDs have a hard time balancing the checkbook, that is no mean feat.

He liberated teachers from loan sharks. As a congressman, it is assumed that he immersed himself in the public school system in his district and probably visited more public schools than a desk-bound DepEd bureaucrat.

The education sector is in crisis and the one who can fix it isnt probably a good lecturer or a pedigreed academician, but, a problem-solver with good track record.

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