Press Release
October 15, 2006


It may have suspended him for a different case, but Malacañang appears still indifferent to the questionable use by National Printing Office head Philip Evardone of facilities for printing Charter change pamphlets.

Sen. Panfilo Lacson questioned Sunday Malacañang s continued silence on possible technical malversation raps against Evardone for using NPO printing equipment for the pamphlets.

Malacañang did right in suspending Evardone. But my information shows the suspension was for a different case and not the Charter change, Lacson said.

Lacson earlier filed a resolution seeking to investigate Evardone for using NPO resources to print pamphlets of the Sigaw ng Bayan for a so-called peoples initiative.

He said the job orders and memorandums showed Evardone allowed the use of government facilities for the printing of pamphlets for peoples initiative.

The job order and memo ordered the use of government facilities for something that is not government business, he said.

Evardone is the brother of governor Ben Evardone of Eastern Samar, one of the supporters of the so-called peoples initiative.

Still, Lacson said it was good that the government acted on the matter. If it didnt act, there will always be the perception that it coddles its allies despite evidence, and files imagined charges against those in the opposition, he said.

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