Press Release
October 20, 2006

Kiko on pressure on Supreme Court

In the light of the so-called pressure being brought to bear on the Supreme Court Justices, the announcement of the President before the Supreme Court Chief Justice that she wants Cha-Cha to succeed, and considering finally, that a new Chief Justice is to be appointed by her this December 7, it would do well for the Supreme Court, as an institution, if the incumbent Supreme Court Justices aspiring for the post of Chief Justice inhibit themselves from participating in the debates on the Charter Change Petition, now pending before it.

By inhibiting themselves, the Court would be spared from the awkward situation wherein the appointment of the new Chief Justice would be perceived as a reward for taking a stand in favor of Malacanang, whether or not the petition is granted. If any of the aspiring justices who may have voted in favor of Malacanang's position is appointed Chief Justice come December 7, it may have an adverse effect on the credibility of the Supreme Court. Inhibition is an available option that should be seriously considered by those who are interested in the post of SC Chief Justice.

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