Press Release
November 6, 2006


Senate President Manny Villar, President of Nacionalista Party, is saddened by the decision of Defense Secretary Avelino Cruz to resign from the cabinet.

The Senate President says Cruz move to sever ties with President Arroyos Official Family is a big loss to the administration, taking into account the good secretarys caliber and sterling track record as a legal luminary and a dedicated public servant.

Nakakalungkot dahil mahusay at magaling na Cabinet secretary si Nonong Cruz (It is depressing because Nonong Cruz is an efficient and competent Cabinet secretary), Senate President Villar says.

He says Cruz represents the rare breed of Cabinet officials, who would rather risk getting the ire of his superiors than failing in doing what is best for the country and the Filipino people.

There goes one of the few good men in the cabinet, Villar says.

The Senate President said such is the reality that all presidential appointees would have to deal with.

They all serve at the will and pleasure of the President, who is the appointing authority. Villar says.

The choice for members of the Cabinet is the Presidents prerogative. One may stand out as the best and brightest to sit in the Cabinet, but once he loses the Presidents trust and confidence, then he has no choice but to submit his walking papers.

The Senate President expresses hope that Sec. Cruz successor would exhibit the same dedication and hard work that he had shown in pursuing reforms in the Defense establishment and promote patriotism and professionalism in the Armed Forces.

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