Press Release
December 5, 2006

House leaders urged : Dont let con-ass train leave station

Sen. Ralph Recto today asked Speaker Jose de Venecia not to let the con-ass train leave the station if no senators are on board as this would plunge the county into a constitutional crisis.

Like a train, the constituent assembly should run on two rails so I hope our House leaders know the grave repercussions of their action, Recto said.

He said the constituent assembly can only be convened with the consent of the Senate and with it voting separately from the House.

Recto predicted that the Supreme Court would stop the bullet con-ass train if it sees it to be recklessly running on just a single rail.

He admitted that consultations are happening on both sides of the aisle on the possibility of asking the Supreme Court to rule on the legality of a House convening itself as a constituent assembly without the Senate.

There is bipartisan consensus on this matter, he said.

"The bottomline is that the House will be challenged in court. I think thats the proper and democratic way of settling differences, he said.

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