Press Release
June 16, 2007


"I welcome and congratulate Senator Sonny Trillanes to the roster of the members of the 14 th Congress. His victory is a victory for constitutional democracy."

"The administration must recognize that his being elected can only mean that the people recognize his clamor for true change to finally happen in our government. His and the victory of independent and vocal senators can only mean that the Filipino people are tired of discussing what's wrong with the system but instead would like our new and young legislators, such as Senator-elect Trillanes, to create life-altering, effective laws that can improve the quality of our lives. His election into office can only mean that the Filipino people recognize the legitimate trials and tribulations of our soldiers, especially those that have long served in areas where insurgency, strife and hardship remain."

"I look forward to working hard alongside Senator Trillanes and fulfilling the mandate that we are tasked to do. It is our fervent hope that the military tribunal will recognize his duly elected duties and allow him to serve our people to the best of his ability."

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