Press Release
July 25, 2007

Miriam on Senate committee chairmanships

On the issue of the Senate Committee chairmanships:

The thing here is that we have a Villar majority, but we do not have a majority on who should be chair of the Blue Ribbon Committee. This is very strange because normally the majority of the Senate President is congenial and homogenous, they vote as a block on major issues. But not in this particular instance. In our coalition that voted for the Senate President, we agreed only on who should be the Senate President. We agreed on nothing else. That is his (Villar's) problem. If he votes in favor of the administration, opposition supporters might desert him, and vice versa. If he votes in favor of the opposition, administration senators will desert him and look for another president.

(My suggestion is to) settle all the other chairmanships except for Blue Ribbon so that we could start work. As long as we are not elected chairs of various committees, all those references that begin the Senate agenda every afternoon will be useless because we don't know who is the chair of the committee to which the particular bill is being assigned.

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