Press Release
November 19, 2007

Angara urges for more jobs, cultural
and educational exchange with Spain

Senator Edgardo Angara urges the government to bargain for more jobs opportunities from Spain , and to foster a deeper cultural and educational exchange between the two countries.

This appeal comes in light of the president's scheduled state visit to Spain in December.

"We have excellent bilateral relations with Spain , but I think we can get more out of it," said Senator Angara.

" Spain is embarking on a new migration policy, allowing the entry of citizens from its former colonies in North Africa and Latin America to work there. How is the Philippines taking advantage of such policy?" inquired Senator Angara.

Aside from the entry of more Filipino workers in Spain , Senator Angara also urged the government to push for a deeper cultural and educational exchange with the said country.

"One of the barriers to job opportunities in Spain for Filipinos is the language. We can ask the Spanish government to expand the support it gives for language training," Senator Angara suggested.

Senator Angara pointed out archival retrieval as another area of cultural exchange.

"Also, the Philippines has many Spanish colonial documents that Spanish scholars visit to research on. But our local scholars cannot study it because the documents are written in antiquated Spanish," said Senator Angara.

"These documents may soon perish because they are not properly stored. Perhaps we can ask the Spanish government to help digitize these documents and provide its modern translation," Senator Angara said.

Senator Angara will co-sponsor the ratification of the RP-Spain treaty on the transfer of exchanged persons in the Senate along with Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago. According to Senator Angara, this treaty will further strengthen the Philippines 's ties with Spain , and can leverage the former's bid to attract more Spanish investments and assistance in the country.

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