Press Release
November 25, 2007

Angara files bill to create an Integrated Medical Professional Organization

With the expected boom in the medical tourism in the coming years, Senator Angara expressed the need for an integrated organization of medical professionals in the country.

"We need an integrated organization that will serve as the extension of the government in regulating the medical profession". Angara said.

In line with this, Senator Angara recently filed a bill, entitled, Integrated Medical Professional Organization Act of 2007 that will accredit the Philippine Medical Association as the Integrated Medical Professional Organization of the country.

The integrated organization is aimed to help in the maintenance of high and ethical conduct of medical professionals in the country by imposing penalties of reprimand, suspension or expulsion to erring members.

"With a regulatory and integrated organization in place, complaints could be filed based on the organization's specified grounds", Angara said. "The organization can also initiate their own investigation if needed", he added.

"We should capitalize on the uniquely Filipino brand of hospitality, care and compassion - and at the same time develop our pool of medical professionals that would continue to delivery quality health care", Angara said.

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